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Every day, we combine our strategic and conceptual strengths to make brands and campaigns more distinctive, promising, and (much) more effective.

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Your brand is the foundation of everything you do and say—at least, it should be. Only then will your actions and campaigns reinforce each other. We call this brand building.

Sometimes, you have a solid brand concept in place that we can continue to build on. However, if your brand concept is outdated and slowing you down, we must roll up our sleeves. What if there’s no brand at all? We love that because it means we can develop it together from the ground up. Either way, we apply our Brand Impact method to your brand concept—you can read all about this method here.


Your brand is not your name, logo, product, campaign, or organization. Those are just elements that influence the perception of your brand. Your brand lives in the hearts and minds of people, ideally those belonging to your target groups. They know you and have opinions about who you are, what you say, do, and represent.


Our Brand Impact method develops your brand strategy and concept collaboratively. This significantly influences what you do and offer, but we'll set that aside for now. Our focus here is on the brand concept from a communications perspective: what do you say, how do you say it, what do you convey, how do you cultivate who you are, and what do you stand for?


We develop the conceptual-creative foundation of your brand. What brand name or names do we choose? What will be the proposition? How do we charge your brand? What will the brand design be? What communication method is best? What tone do we use? How do we structure and charge sub-labels, services, and products? And so on. We consider every aspect of your brand image and fill it in both creatively and substantively.

What we deliver is a thoroughly developed and substantiated, lifelike brand concept—a concept that will form the essential foundation for everything your brand says and projects for years to come.


Anyone who still claims that good ideas start with good coffee is only half right. They start with good coffee and Blue Dragon. Coffee is fine, but have you ever seen a cup of joe set up a campaign? That’s where we come in.


Whatever you want to achieve with your campaign, you always need a good concept that aligns with your strategy. We have the creative minds who think it up for you. First, without limitations on possibilities—sometimes even shameless—to think as freely as possible. Then, we tighten it up and work within the confines of what is possible, necessary, and appropriate.


Thus, we can propose ideas that push boundaries and squeeze the most out of your campaign budget—in terms of returns. And just when you think we’re done, let's not forget that we can also design everything very impressively. After all, your brand design determines how you are perceived.


Someone always stands up and says something can’t be done. That's why we think without borders, and there’s always an idea that works. We firmly believe in making a real impact. In the words of Miley Cyrus, we come in like a wrecking ball. As you can understand, we’re not shy about being remarkable.

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