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With millions of daily users, social media have become indispensable. This is where a brand can form actual connections with its audience—or squander them.

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Social media management

Social media bring you closer to your target group and your target group closer to you. They allow you to engage in valuable conversations, keep in touch with your target audience, stay close to them, and influence them. If you do this well, you will likely gain access to their lives. But then you need to listen and learn first. That is where we come in. Branding, sales, engagement, bonding, loyalty... there are many reasons to build a solid social community around your brand. Whatever your goal may be, we will achieve it together with a clear, well-thought-out strategy.

Social listening

In today's world, most would prefer an empty fridge over no internet connection. We are constantly online, from browsing our favorite news sites to engaging on well-known social media platforms. It's the place to win your target audience's affection but also a venue where everyone shares their opinions, which aren't always positive. Ideally, you are there where your potential customers are too, reaching, surprising, and engaging them. This isn't just about broadcasting your message or shouting alongside everyone else, but about listening through social listening.


Being talked about is usually a good sign unless those 280 characters on X (before: Twitter) carry a harsh message. Although we all like to think we can stay online 24/7, realistically, nobody wants to monitor social media around the clock for mentions of your brand. We use sophisticated tools like Coosto, Khoros, and Obi4wan to keep track of every movement, interaction, trend, and outcome. We monitor, measure, analyze, and optimize—and adjust your online strategy as needed, always in consultation with you.

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Social care

If the word 'listen' only makes you think of Beyoncé, then managing social media might not be your forte. In social care, the rule is simple: if you're unwilling to listen and empathize, it's better not to post at all. We manage your online reputation and respond smartly to public sentiment. We are your voice on social media: listening, empathizing, responding, and influencing. We engage via the proper channels and moments, always in your brand's voice, ensuring it perfectly matches your identity.

Imagine logging into X and discovering 1,318 mentions because a negative tweet about you went viral three weeks ago. Dislike! With our social care services, you can avoid such scenarios. We respond to questions and comments swiftly, like comments, and guide discussions in the right direction—social care, at your service.

Social media publishing

Your target audience checks social media more often than they check on their best friends. They're there for information, likes, endorphins, and to connect with you. You don't want to post content that only your mother and a handful of employees would appreciate. We work with you to build a loyal community around your brand. How? By crafting a targeted strategy and creating relevant, eye-catching content that makes your target group stop scrolling and take notice. These are the moments at which you can genuinely engage with and activate people. Plus, we ensure your profiles and channels are impeccably maintained.


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